My New Used Car

This morning, I woke up with excitement knowing that we're gonna pick up a van that is gonna be my very own car. It's second hand Nissan Quest that has considerably low mileage.
I've been hunting for a van these last 2 weeks, or I think since the truck went down. We used to have 2 vehicles, a dodge neon and a chevy truck. The chevy one day broke down and engine won't start. I prefer to have a van because it's roomy and powerful. After searched for several days, considering the specification, budget, and optional features, I came up with short list of the van mades: Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona, Nissan Quest, and Dodge Caravan. The features I love are: automatic transmission (it's killing me when driving in traffic with manual), leather interior, cd/radio, cold ac (you don't want to drive without ac, at least, not here in Texas), captain chairs in the middle row, power window, power door, power lock, 4 doors.
I went to because it has good deal on used car (and many other items, too). I made a list of the vans I found and then discussed it with my hubby, then we made contacts and came do the test drives or just looking.
Last week I found several interesting postings (including this Nissan Quest) and we made calls and appointments with the owners. Friday (August 7th, 2009), we went to Wells Branch to meet the owner of this Nissan Quest. He is a nigerian who live in appartment with his wife and two children. The van is neat and clean, the engine is clean with new battery, proved that it's been well taken care of. Once I looked in the interior I knew this is the van I like. It has everything I want, plus other features, such as sunroof, new tires, vhs player to keep little passengers entertained, and cd changer with 6 discs. We did a test drive, van runs smoothly, ac is cold, all power features work properly. I told Loel, this is the car I want. Then, we negotiated on the price and told him that we'd back to him later this afternoon since we had few other cars need to see that day.
We headed to downtown Austin to see two Toyota Sienna. None of them express my interest. Then we went to Citibank to get cash for the van. After that, we went to Anderson Lane to meet with Torry, a friend from Houston, and to have lunch. He'd been in Austin since yesterday for a short vacation before the school starts this week. We agreed to meet at Casa Chapalla for a lunch. Diane, another friend, joined us later.
After lunch we called the owner that we decided to get the van. But he didn't answer so Loel just left him a message. We went back home and took short nap. The owner called us back later and we agreed on a meeting him that evening. We gave him some down payment and the rest will be given on Monday, after finished the tittle transfer, etc.


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